Kelly Kaller
Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Kaller joined Notthoff Engineering in 2001 as purchasing manager. Over his 19 years with the company, he has performed a variety of roles with a primary focus on new business and customer relationships. Mr Kaller was promoted to CEO because his overall leadership has demonstrated a confident ability to grasp and understand the necessary discipline to guide Notthoff Engineering today and into the future.

Arnie Juarez

He is an accomplished, solution-driven executive leader with a unique background encompassing manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, lean leadership, and P&L oversight. Throughout his 35 years with Notthoff Engineering Mr. Juarez has demonstrated positive achievements improving corporate performance, increasing value, driving growth and promoting strong team building relationships.
Angelique Flores

Highly-accomplished solutions-driven dynamic executive leader and visionary financial
strategist with unique background of global business development, sales and marketing skills. With expertise in aerospace and defense industries for more than 20 years. Demonstrated achievements impacting superior corporate performance, increasing value, driving growth and promoting productive global business relationships through identification of new business opportunities, especially in the aerostructures sector of the global aerospace industry. Outstanding relationship-building, customer service and collaborative leadership/motivational attributes.

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